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Cork underlayment sheets are available in many thicknesses. Forna carries the most common thicknesses of 3mm and 6mm. Though many people think of rolls, many manufacturers, Forna included, have moved to sheets of cork. Many trades-people prefer the sheets as they are easy to work with, do not curl and create the least amount of waste.

Cork underlayment sheets are some of the most cost-effective insulating products on the market. Because cork performs double duty as a thermal and acoustic insulator, a single product can be used place of several different products.

Thermal insulation is achieved using 6mm cork underlay. Acoustic insulation is also the domain of 6mm cork underlay. If increasing acoustic isolation or decreasing cooling/heating costs is your desire then 6mm cork is the go-to product for your installation. For luxury apartment buildings or for those planning on building a "suite" into their existing home, two layers of 6mm cork underlay will offer what you are looking for: peace and quiet.

In a routine environment, the 3mm cork underlayment is an excellent addition to your cork floating floor. With only a few cents per square, you effectively double your cork amount which doubles the benefits of your cork flooring.

cork underlayment can be used as a loose-lay product underneath any laminate flooring product. Solid hardwood floors can be glue to cork (double stick installation) but cork should never be pierced by nails, staples, flooring cleats or screws. A 6mm cork underlayment can be used underneath ceramic tiles. The 3mm tile is not recommended underneath in this type of installation.

Many of today's vinyl products are not designed for use with underlayment. If you are looking to use cork underneath your vinyl flooring product, please contact the maker of your flooring to ensure warranty can be maintained. cork underlayment is not for use as a flooring surface or top layer. Cork underlay sheets cannot be used underneath cork glue down tiles as the structure of the cork is not appropriate for cork glue down tiles. Cork is fire-retardant and is naturally resistant to mould and mildew. It prevents vibrations and proves cost-effective when used to reduce energy consumption.

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