sound proof insulation acoustic rating

sound-proof-insulation-acoustic-rating acoustic rating cork underlayment iic acoustical test eco-cork foam

Materia ls used during testing:

  1. 1. *203mm (8 inch) concrete Slab [488.2kg/m(m) = 100.0 PSF] overlaid with;
  2. 12.4mm (1/2 inch) Engineered hardwood,
  3. 3.2mm (1/8 inch) polyethylene foam under-pad,
  4. **300mm (12 inch) Armstrong Suspended gypsum board insulated ceiling with concrete anchors
    • X Type Gypsum board = 15.9mm (5/8 inch) thick
    • Insulation = 88.9mm (3 ½ inch) fibreglass – unfaced
  5. Total thickness of materials: 518.6mm (20.4 inches)
  6. Total weight of materials: 508.7 kg/m(m) = 104.2 PSF

*8 inch Concrete Slab: STC/IIC 34 dB
**Drop-Down acoustic Ceiling: 14 dB

Sound Transmission Test (STC): 67 dB Impact Sound Transmission (IIC): 71 dB Delta IIC Rating: Not recorded due to materials chosen for STC/IIC ratings. Delta IIC Ratings can only be measured using 6” slab overlaid with flooring or underlay+flooring.

This is only one example of a big name company using the insulating values of other products to improve the numbers of the foam underlayment. The 8” slab contributes 34 dB and the drop down ceiling offers 14 dB to the assembly. If you remove these two numbers you are left with 23 dB. The acoustic numbers for the 3 ½” fibreglass insulation could add another 5 dB. The flooring (12.4mm worth of product) itself could add 2-3 dB if it is poorly made or as much as 10 dB for a well-built engineered hardwood. It is possible that all the “extra” materials used to test the foam product could add up to 63 dB worth of acoustic insulation. There could be as little as 8 dB of attenuation that is directly attributable to the foam underlay.

Sound Proof Forna cork underlay Acoustical testing report

The average homeowner would not have the knowledge, the budget or the ceiling height to be able to install this type of installation in their home or condominium. A ceiling assembly such as the one used to test the Eco Cork Foam product could cost a homeowner as much as $10,000 to purchase and have installed. If a home owner was desperate for the extra 20 dB of insulation, they could always add another layer of 6mm cork underlayment under their flooring – the result would be very close to the results achieved by the $10,000 ceiling!

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