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Having a hard time finding reviews on cork flooring – well you aren’t alone. Cork flooring is very popular in Europe, but her ein North America it is still considered new flooring. For the entire floor industry, cork flooring recives roughly 1% of the sales. In otherwords 1 out of 100 people will purchase cork flooring for their homes.

cork flooring reviews

So now out of that 1%, you need to hope that someone posts a review. Cork flooring, you either love it or hate it. Unfortunately, the homeowners unhappy with their floor choice are the ones more likely to write a review.

Here is what you may find on the Internet:

The Lover: “I can’t believe how warm and quiet my home is since we installed our cork flooring. “

Or “Since we installed our cork flooring my husband can turn the TV up as loud as he wants and it doesn’t bother me.”

And “Our cork flooring is so soft and comfortable to walk on. I can stand all day in the kitchen and my feet and legs don’t hurt.”

The Hater: “We put cork tiles in our bathroom and the flooring turned soggy, we have to have it all removed.”

Or: Our kitchen floor is ruined, it shows every mark and scratch, I will never purchase this type of flooring again.”

Now the Hater, may have had this experience because of the quality of cork purchased, or the flooring may not have been installed properly, and site finished to protect it further from moisture and dirt. At Forna, we spent a considerable amount of time explaining both the benefits and pitfalls of installing a cork floor. We also go into great detail on how to properly install and care for your cork flooring. We want you to know everything up front before you purchase our product.

Did you know floating cork flooring cannot be used in a bath room? Most floating cork floors have a Medium to High density fiberboard between the layers of cork. It is the high humidity levels found in a bathroom that will ruin your floating floor.

Like any hardwood flooring product, a cork floor will require regular maintenance. The floor must be swept or vacuumed to remove finish-eating grit and dirt. You should also damp mop with a pH neutral hardwood floor cleaner that is designed for polyurethane finishes. As well, every 3-7 years you should renew your cork floor’s finish. This will ensure your cork flooring will last possibly your lifetime.

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