Cork underlayment Cost Comparisons between Common Underlayment producers

Forna 6mm Cork underlay is considered a low cost, high-end, acoustic and thermal underlay. The cost savings alone make Forna cork underlay a leading contender for any project.

cork underlayment cost comparison

A well-known brand name in acoustic underlay is Easy Mat. Easy Mat offers underlay that can be used under all forms of solid floor coverings including ceramic and porcelain tile. It comes in multiple thicknesses as well as a loose-lay or self-adhesive options. When it comes to medium to high end acoustic underlay, Easy Mat is a well-established product.

Another cork underlay producer, QEP Amorim (available at Home Depot), offers 6mm cork underlay with 5 sheets (2ft x 3ft = 6sf/sheet) per package. That’s a total of 30sf per package. The purchase price looks great until you dig deeper into the numbers.

Home Depot carries another “cork” product which is not cork. The Eco Cork Foam is produced using 100% Polyethylene foam “rubber”. There is no cork content and no “rubber” content in this product.

A cost comparison of these four products is imperative to understand the benefits of Forna cork underlay. Without this simple tool, too many people will get caught up in all the hype.

Forna Cork Underlayment: 6mm (1/4 inch) agglomerated cork underlay

  • Purchase price:  $94.99/carton = 150sf/carton ($0.63/sf)
  • Tested with Forna 11mm floating floor: Delta IIC = 20.0
  • STC Rating (same install as above) 6” Slab: 50 dB
  • Installation type:  floating, glue down, or mortar-in-place
  • Moisture barrier required below grade:   Yes

EasyMat 5: 5mm Mixed Fibre Tile and Stone underlayment

  • Purchase price without peel and stick: $79.95 = 40sf/roll ($1.99/sf)
  • Purchase price – Peel and Stick: $3.79/sf
  • Delta IIC Rating with Ceramic tiles: 20.0
  • STC Rating (same install as above) 6” slab: 50 dB
  • Peel and Stick Primer: $48.75
  • Bonding Adhesive for non-peel and stick:  $58.95+/3.5 gallon (depends on product purchased)
  • Install type: peel and stick or glue-in-place
  • Moisture barrier required below grade:  Yes (Peel and Stick Primer)

QEP:  6mm Agglomerated cork underlay

  • Purchase price: $36/package = 30sf/package ($1.20/sf)
  • Purchase price: $128/roll = 200sf/roll ($0.64/sf)
  • Delta IIC ratings: None
  • Requires moisture barrier below grade: yes
  • Installation: floating, glue down or mortar-in-place

ECO Cork Foam: 3.2mm 100% Polyethylene foam rubber Engineered Floor Underlay

  • Purchase price: $49.99/roll = 75sf/roll ($0.67/sf)
  • Delta IIC Ratings: None
  • STC or IIC Ratings:  produced using 12” of insulated Drop Down Ceiling
  • Moisture testing required:  Moisture in Concrete must be below 4.5lbs/100sf over 24 hours
  • Installation below grade: yes
  • Requires moisture barrier below grade:  No. Double barrier is not allowed with product = improper installation which voids warranty

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