Floating cork flooring Benefits And The Uniclic System

When the word ‘cork’ is mentioned, people tend to think of wine bottle stoppers or conventional corkboards. You know, the ones that could be found by the hordes in schools and offices; the ones plastered with reminders and messages all over their surface.


Today, the construction industry has taken cork to a whole new level. How does cork flooring sound? Unlike hardwood, stone, or ceramic floors, which produces thumping or clicking sounds when stepped on, cork flooring is very quiet. This is a result of cork’s cellular structure. It absorbs sound. Yes that’s right. The cell structure of cork allows it to trap air pockets, which also acts as a sound insulator. Therefore when you walk or drop something on cork there will be little to no sound transfer. A cork floor is resilient and durable. Cork is in fact capable of taking much more abuse than most other types of flooring under a higher rate of use.

For die-hard environmentalists, cork offers the ideal solution in a material that is renewable and robust enough to last years. The oak trees that produces cork are not chopped down, instead only the bark is carefully peeled off to manufacture the tiles for our product. The cork oak tree has an estimated lifespan of 250+ years. After harvesting the bark, the tree regenerates and grows a new layer of bark. This bark can actually be stripped off every 10 years or so without causing any injury or damage to the tree.

This gives cork an ‘A+’ rating for being a healthy go green addition to any home. If you’re looking for a new flooring material than you’ve come to the right place. If you want an install system that you can do yourself and save some money than we’ve got the cork floor for you.

Available on the market is floating cork flooring. An installation system that allows homeowners the freedom to install this cork floor over an exisiting floor. You won’t have to rip up your old floors. Just make sure you lay the floating cork flooring over a clean and even surface.

We employ the Uniclic System on our floating cork flooring, under strict license. Our flooring system has a clever tongue & groove technology which allows you to click the planks together so tightly you can hardly see the joints. You don't need to do any gluing. This process is easy enough that a DIYer with basic carpentry knowledge can install in just a couple of hours. The tongue and groove technology ensures that no dirt can get in between the planks and accumulate over time.


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