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Wall With Cork For Warmth and Comfort

Cork wall tile. Since its introduction it has quickly become popular option. Not surprising considering that cork not only looks good but is easy to maintain but with new innovation comes in a variety of colors.

Cork glue down cork wall tiles are a great addition to any room, but especially welcome in a music room or office. Even children’s rooms reap the benefits of cork. It is attractive enough to brighten up the room and given its affordable pricing and ease of installation, allowing your kids to be tough on the walls won’t bring on conniption fits.

Cork’s cellular structure is much like that of a honeycomb’s, and each of the cells is filled with air. When you walk on this type of a surface, the air becomes compressed and released. This process absorbs the shock and provides a kind of cushioning, making it extremely comfortable to walk on. This same ability allows for its thermal and sound properties. Thus with cork on your walls, you will be insulated against sound vibration transfers from another room. Imagine a home office where you cannot hear your kids screaming from the living room.

If you’re a musician cork is a great advantage as well. Who wouldn’t want a music studio that uses an all natural product as the insulator. As an insulator, cork is naturally warm to the touch, but add to that its thermal properties and you’ve got a product that will not only keep cold transfer away, but also hold the temperature of a room longer. And even if you don’t want cork as the surface wall that’s okay. Go with cork underlay and then put the cork wall tiles of your choice over it.

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For the purist environmentalists, cork offers the ideal solution as a material that is renewable. The oak trees that produces cork are not chopped down, instead only the bark is carefully peeled off to manufacture the tiles. The tree, meanwhile, is left to regenerate. These trees are capable of living an average of 200 years, with laws in place that only allow them to be harvested every 7-9 years, they are also protected against over-harvesting. So unlike paper and fossil fuel, there is no destruction of natural resources just to manufacture cork.

Environmentally friendly, cost effective, attractive and easy to maintain, cork can be the ideal material for your cork wall tiles décor.

Cork Flooring Articles

Cork glue down tiles as cork wall tiles have been used successfully for many years. The “primed” wood plywood would be the only thing that I would question. If you are describing a “wall primer” that is suitable for paint, then we have no problem. If you are talking about a plywood that has been primed (at the factory) for moist environments, then we have a bit of a problem. The adhesive that we have is a water based contact cement. This type of adhesive is highly sensitive to any form of factory finish on plywood – especially OSB board. If the plywood is regular – without any coating, then this is THE PERFECT substrate to attach our cork to. A cork tiles do very well in moisture rich environments as cork wall tiles. It has a “happy” level between 35% – 65% humidity. The “wet” part is no problem as our glue down tiles are designed to be installed in bathrooms (site sealed) for a water proof finish. In your situation, I would highly recommend that you site finish your cork with 2 coats of water based polyurethane (Polywhey or Loba) once the adhesive has cured. The site finishing on cork wall tiles offers a more cohesive finish that is as water resistant as we can make cork wall tiles treatment. Please find out what type, if any, factory finish is on the plywood. If you have already used paint primer, than that is fine. If you have NOT primed the plywood AND it does not have a factory finish then LEAVE it be and glue straight to the wood surface. It can save you a few dollars and a few extra hours of work. Remember to fill all the knots and the seams of the plywood; allow to dry and sand down the extra. Once the surface is smooth then you can go ahead and start attaching the cork to cork wwall tiles.

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