Bedroom flooring - Why Put A Cork Floor In Your Bedroom

What do you look for when decorating your bedroom flooring? Style? Comfort? A place to relax? How often do you stop to consider what’s on the floor? Most homes have carpeting. Why? Because we all hate cold floors in the morning. But it doesn’t have to be that way, not with the technology and innovations available today.

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When it comes to bedroom flooring, the cork flooring can make all the difference. It has the look and feel of wood, but performs in a way that will WOW you.

Cork is derived from the Quercus Suber, or cork oak tree. This species populates areas found mainly in Portugal and Spain, or around the Mediterranean Basin. Cork is very durable as well as very lightweight. The “honey-comb” like structure of the bark is made up primarily of millions of chambers filled with compressible air. This is what makes cork so buoyant.

The thermal insulating properties of cork make it an excellent insulator. A cork surface acts like a carpeted surface but without the accumulation of dust or allergens. Because of this capability you receive all the comfort of carpet and can still run around in bare feet. Cork retains warmth even in a cold room. Put it in your bedroom and you will also add the wonderful compliment of soundproofing. With over 40 million natural cushion cells per cubic centimeter, cork is a natural sound and thermal insulator. Unlike carpets, cork flooring is hygienic, allergy-free.

This floor is durable, anti-slippery and hassle free and also nice looking. It gives aesthetic sense to create a romantic atmosphere to your bedroom. It is easy to clean, anti-slippery and gives a classy look to the room. There are many types of bedroom floors but cork flooring will meet functional and visual requirements of your bedroom.

It will not rot or mold. Cork is noncorrosive, is fire resistant and can bear heavy loads.

In recent years, architects and designers have rediscovered the beauty of many natural materials in both their raw and finished states. This has led to a broader use of cork with its varied range of tones and textures. The renaissance of natural materials has caused the increased use of cork in embellishing living spaces as well as insulating them.

As a natural product, cork’s advantages over its competition are astonishingly diverse. The tree is not clear-cut but peeled for its product. This means the cork tree does not need to be replanted for as many as three human generations. This ensures that cork springs to the top of the “Renewable Resources” list.

When looking to redecorate your room, let cork top your list and install it in your home. You won’t be sorry for all the benefits and so little cons.

If you’re like comfortable bedroom flooring, choose cork flooring for best flooring for bedrooms. It no second choice it is cork. It is eco-friendly. Made from back of oak tree, natural materials and sustainable. Cork is made from the bark of oak trees. When the trees grows about 10 years, the bark is ready to peel. Cork is very durable. Some old house that used cork flooring about a hundred years still has good condition. Cork is water-resistant. Cork its durability and most importantly, repels bacteria, hypoallergenic. Cork is a great insulator, sound and warm . Cork absorbs noise when you have kids at home. It also provides insulation of cold outside during the winter time Its naturally patterns and colored cork flooring for your bedroom. Cork flooring need very less maintenance and clean of cork flooring is very easy. Please review cork floating flooring or cork glue down tiles. Cork flooating flooring is very good solution for bedroom flooring. Please purchase floating floors with a cork underlay for your bedroom flooring. Cork flooring can be direclty install with concrete floors. You will need a moisture barrier for the bedroom flooring. And with regards to the polyurethane, we will recommend Loba water based polyurather for the above floor and how much you need? it will be depend on how many square feet of flooring area you will need to cover. Cork floating flooring can be covering kitchen, dining room, living room, hall way, entrance, bedroom room. For a kitchen floor, you can install cork tiles or flaoting floor. Cork floorin and would be the best choice for Stair risers and bathroom.


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