Before you go and make all these decisions on how to renovate your cabin using Forna Cork products, please ask yourself one basic question,
“What are the winter temperatures inside my cabin?”


If you can answer, “Warmer than -20C (-30F)” then you can use Forna Cork flooring products in your cabin. If your cabin is unheated (in the northern USA and anywhere in Canada) you may have to choose another material. If your cabin is in Florida…please disregard this message and continue with your plans!

The reason for this caution is not the cork itself, but the binders and the finish. Our cork uses water based materials in all steps of our manufacturing process. This is great for indoor air quality and VOC ratings – not so great for extreme winter temperatures in an unheated space. These materials (adhesives and polyurethane finishes) begin to degrade below these temperatures. To be specific, the adhesive becomes brittle and will crack = the floor will begin to separate. The polyurethane loses its elasticity and will crack.

We care deeply about our products and our clients. We have received enough of these types of orders where we felt it was our responsibility to prevent a purchase (hopefully we caught all of them before they were purchased/installed) to require a write-up on this type of application. We would rather lose a sale today, than put our clients at risk of their floor failing next winter.

In short, please be aware of the use and the abuse you have in mind for Forna Cork products. Under routine commercial or residential usage, our floors maintain their integrity and their looks for many, many years. We use the highest grade materials but even those have their limits.

If you are unsure as to whether or not our cork is correct for you project, feel free to call us:


I would be happy to hear from you!

Stephanie J. McCarthy
Cancork Floor Sales Manager


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