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Welcome to Cancork and iCork Floor’s Easy, Natural Stone-Cork flooring. This flooring will revolutionize the way stone floors are bought, sold and installed. Stone masons beware! You may have to change the way you do business!

No mortar. No grout. No dust. No more pricy installation bills. No more massive “material costs”! We can offer, to home owners everywhere, floors that were once thought to be the exclusive right of the rich and powerful! Designers and contractors are cutting a path to our door trying to access Easy, Natural Stone-Cork Floating Flooring.

Floating Stone-Cork Floors are available for use in entrance ways, kitchens and living spaces. The matching Stone-Cork Glue Down panels are available for bathrooms and wet areas.

Utilizing revolutionary mining techniques, together with the patented Uniclic floating flooring system, we are proud to offer Stone Floating Flooring!!

There is no way to overstate the importance of this flooring revolution! Imagine Stone-Cork floating flooring installed for the price of laminate! That’s right…laminate installation techniques are used to install this click-together floor. For those of you who prefer a permanent solution, we also offer the matching Stone-Cork glue down panels. The Glue down panels are installed the same way Forna glue down cork tiles are installed – with Wakol D3540 Cork Adhesive.

These floors are easily sealed using one to two coats of low-gloss water based polyurethane. This is especially important in kitchens, bathrooms (glue down Stone-Cork only) and entrance ways.

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Stone-Cork Glue-Down Tile


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